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A healthy body with an oil-free fryer

The oil-free fryer has landed a few years ago in the trade. Indeed, it is characterized as a more healthy cooking appliance. To have tests and reviews on different models fryer without oil, we invite you to click here Más informacion . As for us, we will introduce this fryer and its health benefits!

Operation of the oil-free fryer

Its operation is simple. It uses a ventilated hot air system and an arm rotating your food. It can be programmed. Once you have put what you want to cook in your device, you only have to set the timer and let it happen. You no longer have anything to do, it’s a good alternative for people who do not like or do not have time to cook elsewhere. Do not imagine that you can only cook chips on the inside. On the contrary, you can fry any kind of food: meat, fish, vegetables and even simmer dishes. You can do almost everything with this device, there is a multitude of recipes for fryer without oil .


The advantages of this device

Even if its use is not as healthy as that of a steam cooker, it is part of a process of cooking less fat and therefore better for your health. For those who struggle with steam cooking because it does not give enough taste to foods, you will not be disappointed with the oil free fryer. Even if it uses very little oil (1 teaspoon), or not at all, it allows golden and give the food all their flavor. If you need to lose weight, or simply control your cholesterol levels, this is a very very good solution. You can use it every day and it is really very simple to use. It can also be a good choice to keep your motivation if the kitchen does not fascinate you.


You can eat chips without fear now 😉