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Effective means of disinfecting a surface

If you have ever been in an inhabited place, like a subway station or a doctor’s office, you know the importance of aseptic surfaces.Disinfection of a surface removes visible dirt and bacteria to the extent that diseases are not likely to spread, according to the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care Settings. Disinfection is not the same as disinfection or sterilization, which effectively kills and eliminates germs. Water and soap

This is the oldest and most basic method of disinfection. Unlike what cleaning products companies might say, you can effectively disinfect a surface by rubbing the bottom with warm soapy water and a paper towel. The hotter the water, the more effective the disinfection. Allow the soapy water to stand for at least three minutes before wiping clean. Wipe all remaining water with a fresh paper towel. Use a paper towel instead of a sponge for maximum disinfection efficiency.

Disinfecting wipes

Remove germs from surfaces such as keyboards, phones and other electronic devices that can not get wet with disinfectant wipes. These wipes are often softer than powerful cleaning products, making them popular in childcare settings. The longer you expose a surface to a cleaning agent, the more effective the results. Therefore, the use of two disinfecting wipes may be necessary to keep the surface moist. You can find disinfecting wipes in any store, petrol station or pharmacy.


Hot water more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit cleans and disinfects any nonporous surface effectively. Use this option for floors or flat surfaces such as game tables. No extra soap, cleaning agents or chemicals are needed if you use steam. You can buy a household steam mop at your local grocery store or at the hardware store. Note that the use of steam on porous surfaces such as wood or carpet can cause deformation and mold. See top steam mops reviews for more information.
Household Cleaner

Generously spray the surface with a household disinfection cleaner. Allow the product to stand for three minutes before wiping with a clean paper towel. Choose a suitable product for the surface area. For example, do not use your bathroom disinfection product to wipe kitchen countertops unless the instructions in the product instruct you. Many companies will specify disinfection, disinfection or antibacterial properties on the label.